PAMPHER’D LLC is devoted to creating intentional holistic remedies that harmonize with our bodies by creating and providing organic, wildcrafted, and ethically grown herbs/teas, supplements, and topicals to aid in giving our bodies the nutrients needed to support us mentally, physically, and spiritually.

" Healing has to be consistent with life itself. If it isn’t, then it’s not healing. "

Dr. Sebi


We live in a world where our bodies are constantly being exposed to stressors that manifest disease and illness within the body.  

Emotional/mental stressors: Anxiety, stress, fear, anger, depression, etc 

Environmental stressors: man-made toxins, from the toxins in the air, in store bought skin and hair care products, exhaust from cars, home cleaning products, electronics, birth control, synthetic medicine, and even the food we consume.

Long term exposure to stressors and toxins will cause inflammation, calcification, and mucus in the body. Therefore, we need to remove accumulated toxins in the body, it's a must that we cleanse and detoxify our bodies in order to restore and revitalize our body’s systems on a cellular level.

Our mission is to help your body regain control of itself through nutrition, detoxification, and self care with our variety of plant based, handcrafted & cruelty free products.


We know how easy it is to buy plant oils, butters, herbs and supplements just about anywhere, but where they fall short is in the lack of integrity in how they are grown, harvested and where the herbs are coming from. 

At PAMPHER’D LLC, we commit to working with the best quality materials, sustainable and ethical herb suppliers, harvesters, and growers who follow strict ethical harvesting methods. PAMPER'D is proud to offer wild grown and harvested herbs but we do carry some organic herbs.

PAMPHER’D LLC is for any and everyone wanting to grow in their journey of ridding stressors and removing accumulated toxins from the skin, body, and blood through nutrition, detoxification, and self care with the support of plants and herbs. 

We hope you find exactly what you need and we are very thankful to be trusted with your wellness and healing journey.


Wild Harvested Herbs

Wild Grown- These plants are grown wild in their natural habitats, without human intervention, and are harvested after special guidance, while taking care to leave enough of the mother plant(s) to ensure sustainability and to protect endangered species. 

In essence, these non-cultivated plants are naturally organic but cannot be certified as such because they are not under the control of growers and processors.

Plants growing in their natural environment face plenty of obstacles and conditions, which are the actual reasons why wild-grown herbs turn out to be stronger with a greater variety of active substances, which holds the actual benefits of the herbs. 

Organic- These plants are cultivated under natural conditions, on unpolluted land, without chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. They are grown under ideal conditions and soils for cultivation. They are treated with organic pesticides and fertilized naturally.